Hoolahoop Features

Hoolahoop content management system offers a complete range of features so you can control virtually every aspect of your website, with efficiency and ease.

Features Description ?
Core Features    
Text Editor Edit your website with basic word processing skills.  Anyone that is familiar with MS Word or WordPerfect will feel right at home using the Text Editor. more info
Site Builder Create your site.  Dynamic navigation architecture allows the site to be built on the fly with up to two levels of nested navigation.  more info
Nav Manager Re-organize your site.  Familiar "tree view" site map allows your entire navigation to be re-ordered in moments. Pages can be hidden as required. more info
Web View Editor Navigate site and edit existing pages using web view.  Easier viewing of site structure and ability to edit directly into the various content areas in a template more info
Time Sensitivity Never endure stale content again.  All content can be set to display indefinitely, or choose to specify the date and time for publishing and removal of all content. more info
Link Manager All pages created are added to the link manager for easy reference when creating links.  Outside links and advanced features such as target window, protocol, link type (email, page anchor).  more info
File Manager

Upload files and create links through the Text Editor.  Create directories for convenient file management and location.

more info
Advanced Features    
List Manager Reusable content such as a list of client testimonials.  Display parameter include: number of items to appear in the page at one time, static posting versus rotating postings. more info 
Template Manager Create multiple templates for use without the site.  Set content can be implemented into templates so that changes made in the templates populate all pages in the site using that template. more info
Menu Builder Selectively choose pages from the existing site structure and build new menus.  Menus can be applied to pages/templates as a content type more info
Admin Manager Create unlimited administration classes and administrators within each class.  Set restrictions on module/features, ability to add/edit/create pages and/or content. more info
Member Manager Determine client side permissions for viewing content.  Created unlimited user classes with varying permissions for each. more info
Meta Data Manager Create an unlimited number of meta data profiles and apply them to individual pages using the Page Properties.  more info

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