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List Manager

Create and manage lists of content that can be re-used throughout the website. The purpose of the List Manager is to provide one location that content that may be used in more than one location in the website can be edited, and the changes are automatically reflected in every instance that the content has been applied throughout the entire website. For example, if a table of contact names and phone numbers is constructed as a List and applied into five pages of the website, the table can be edited in the List Manager and all five pages will be updated simultaneously.

The Hoolahoop Content Management System List Manager also provides additional display setting for list content that allows the creation of dynamic content such as rotating testimonials. For additional information on these tools, see the feature list below.


Rotating Re-usable List Content

An excellent use of rotating re-usable content would be a client testimonials. In the List Manager a category called "Client Testimonials" would be created. Under that category would be separate List entries of each testimonial. When applying the List content type to a page or template the "Client Testimonials" category would be selected from the dynamic dropdown list of categories. The next option is to either select "all entries" or to choose one or more of the entries individually from the list to be added to the pool of entries to be randomly rotated through upon each page refresh.

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