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Rich Text Editor

Creating and editing text in the Hoolahoop Content Management System is made easy by providing word processing abilities that are similar to those provided by MS Word and WordPerfect.  Many of the same features and even the look of the interfaces will be familiar to most users.  See the feature list below:


• Word Processing Formatting – bold, underline, italics, strike through, subscript, superscript, bullets, indents, and justification

• Link Manager – link to internal pages, external pages, files.  Open in current window, or new window with window parameter control.

• Page Anchors – create page jumps

• Image Manager – add images. Also includes: resizing, alignment, active link on image, ability to apply CSS class such as borders

• Flash Manager – insert and edit Flash files

• Table Builder – create tables.  Also includes: borders, cell color, alignment, split/merge cells, add/delete rows or columns

• Line Break – insert break line between articles

• Special Characters – insert special characters such as copyright symbol

• View Source – view and edit HTML source code, toggle between basic and HTML view

• Clear Button – clear RTE editor and delete any hidden tags to start fresh editing session

• Preview Button – previews content in pop window to double check formatting with items such as tables

• Template Button – insert templates into the text editor.  Specific templates for articles, case studies, etc can be implemented into the system to promote continuity throughout site

• Paste from Word – allows stripping of some Word attributes for cleaner code

• Undo/Redo – multilevel undo and redo ability

• Find – search for partial or complete words in article

• Search and Replace

• Remove Format – remove formatting on selected item(s)

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